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Spoilers – The Big Bang – Matt Smith Interview

This one is cross posted on the Dalektricity, Cybermantra & Sontarantula blogs as the Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang features just about every monster under every sun…

Matt smith talking about being the Doctor, special FX, & the season finale etc

Spoiler – The Pandorica Opens

A clip form “The Pandorica Opens”

One of the interesting things about this clip is that it specifically mentions not only the Cybermen but a fleet of Cyberships.

Up until now, the Cybus Cybermen have only appeared in Earth-based stories and have displayed no obvious sign of having developed pace travel. Either they have somehow become well established in “Our Universe” and developed their technology… or perhaps the original Cybermen may make an appearance…?

Spoilers – The Pandorica Opens

More images of the Cybermen from “The Pandorica Open”

A Cyberleader and Cybermen, evidently behind a Judoon…

A Cyberman – damaged but not completely ‘armless.

Other familiar monsters confirmed as appearing/returning in this story include Daleks, Sontarans, Sycorrax, Weevils (from Torchwood), the Hoix and the (new look) Silurians

Mentioned in the episode (but not necessarily appearing on screen) are Terileptils (from the 5th doctor story “The Visitation”), Zygons (from “The Terror of the Zygons” aka “The Loch Ness Monster”), the  Atraxi (from “The Eleventh Hour), the Chelonians (from various spin-off books and audios), the Drahvins (from “Galaxy 4”) and the Draconians (from “Frontier in Space” aka “The Space War”).

In addition there are rumours of several more monsters and other characters – more news if it appears…

River Song and a Cyber-head

More from “The Pandorica Opens”…

The full photo (found via the Life, Doctor Who and Combom blog which has a lot of spoilers for the finale)

and here is a snap of the damaged Cyberman from the same episode

Cybermen in “The Pandorica Opens”

A shot from “The Pandorica Opens” of some Cybus Cybermen

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Attack of the Cyberhead?

Having had a close look at the “Next Time” trailer for “The Pandorica Opens” it looked to me like the decapitated Cyber-head mounts an attack on Amy using what seem to be prehensile cables…

I double checked and sure enough this seems to be the case…