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Based on Lee Sullivan’s stunning Cyberman designs, Rhys Griffin has created an equally spectacular computer graphic version for this special screensaver.

Highlights of Lee Sullivan’s artwork for Real Time

Episode 1

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode 5

Wav Files (Sound Clips)

Cyberman- Anyyyone whoooo moves will beeee killed innnstantly.
(The Tenth Planet, 42Kb)

Cyberman- Yeeeessss.
(The Tenth Planet, 11Kb)

Cyberman- We aaaaare proooceeding aaaacording toooo plan.
(The Tenth Planet, 38Kb)

Cyberman- And what dooooo you ask in return foooor this?
(The Tenth Planet, 36Kb)

Cyberman- The others are ready for conversion
(The Moonbase, 40Kb)

Cyberman- Clever . . . clever . . . clever
(The Moonbase, 49Kb)

Cyberman- There is loss of control.
(The Moonbase, 33Kb)

Cyberman- Yes.  We know of this weakness of yours.  We are fortunate we do not possess feelings.
(The Moonbase, 88Kb)

Cyberman- Realign the probe.
(The Moonbase, 44Kb)

Cyberman- Silence.
(The Moonbase, 21Kb)

Cyberman- Start probe generators.
(The Moonbase, 38Kb)

Cyberman- It was very simple.  Only stupid earth brains like yours would have been fooled.
(The Moonbase, 89Kb)

Cyberman- What is happening?
(The Moonbase, 26Kb)

Cyberman- “Revenge.”  What is that?
(The Moonbase, 37Kb)

Cyberman- You are known to us.
(The Moonbase, 49Kb)

Cyberleader- So. We meet again . . . Doctor.
(Earthshock, 40Kb)

Cyberleader- You LIE, Doctor!!!
(Earthshock, 19Kb)

Cyberleader- You are mistaken.
(Earthshock, 11Kb)

Cyberleader- These things are IRRELEVANT.
(Earthshock, 24Kb)

Cyberleader- Excellent.
(Earthshock, 11Kb)

Cyberleader- This is excellent news! Earth WILL be destroyed.
(Earthshock, 45Kb)

Cyberleader- Now you will see our strength!
(Earthshock, 31Kb)

Cyberleader- I shall now kill you, Doctor.
(Earthshock, 32Kb)

Cyberleader- Is the Doctor on the bridge?
Cyberman- He is.
Cyberleader- He must be taken . . .  alive.

(Earthshock, 62Kb)

Cyberman- You will accompany us.
(The Five Doctors, 24Kb)

Cyberleader- Go.
(The Five Doctors, 5Kb)

Cyberman- Halt! Halt or you will be destroyed!!! (Cyberman fires gun)
(The Five Doctors, 83Kb)

Cyberleader- Explain.
(The Five Doctors, 18Kb)

Cyberman- I shall take the patrol and destroy them.
Cyberleader- No. Capture them ALIVE. They must be interrogated first.
Cyberman- Leader.

(The Five Doctors, 107Kb)

Cyberleader- KILL HIM!
(The Five Doctors, 14Kb)

Cyberman- This is not the Doctor.
(The Five Doctors, 26Kb)

Cyberman- Here are your orders.
(The Five Doctors, 15Kb)

Cyberleader- Excellent!
(The Five Doctors, 15Kb)

Cyberleader- Take him.
(The Five Doctors, 11Kb)

Cyberleader- Who are you?
(The Five Doctors, 20Kb)

Cyberleader- I do not believe YOUR LIES!
(The Five Doctors, 36Kb)

Cyberleader- Very well.
(Silver Nemesis, 10Kb)

Cyberleader- Eradicate them!
(Silver Nemesis, 17Kb)

Cyberleader- You show potential.
(Silver Nemesis, 20Kb)

Cyberleader- Have them programmed at once.
(Silver Nemesis, 22Kb)

Cyberleader- This is most rational, Doctor.
(Silver Nemesis, 29Kb)

8th Dr.- Let me see. . .  moving towards us.  Cybermen!  How close are they—?!!
Cyberman- Resistance is useless!
8th Dr.- Ah, that close!
(Sword of Orion, 68Kb)

Cyberleader- (alarms) Status report.
8th Dr.- Well, don’t take my word for it then!
(Sword of Orion, 31Kb)

Cyberleader- We have orders that you should be returned to Telos for brain analysis.
(Sword of Orion, 64Kb)

Cyberman- Emergency cutout has activated.
(Sword of Orion, 34Kb)

Cyberleader- (alarms in the background) Activate emergency shielding!
(Sword of Orion, 34Kb)

Cyberleader- Analysis.
(Sword of Orion, 15Kb)

Cyberleader- Then there is another way.
(Sword of Orion, 36Kb)

Cyberleader- Why has my arrival been delayed?
(Sword of Orion, 45Kb)

Cyberleader- Instruct them to await further orders.
(Sword of Orion, 40Kb)

Cyberman- A force has been assembled, Leader.
Cyberleader- They must board that ship.  The humans are to be captured for conversion.
(Sword of Orion, 106Kb)

Cyberman- Your weapons are ineffective.  You will surrender.
(Sword of Orion, 64Kb)

Cyberleader- Where is your TARDIS, Doctor?
(Sword of Orion, 25Kb)

Cyberman- Yes, leader.
(Sword of Orion, 12Kb)

Cyberleader- The matter is . . . uncertain.  But there are no other options.
(Sword of Orion, 64Kb)

Cyberman- (alarms) Power unstable.  Levels below operational effectiveness.
Cyberleader- Stabilize power immediately!
(Sword of Orion, 76Kb)

Cyberleader- We have computer records of your involvement in our affairs, Doctor.
(Sword of Orion, 66Kb)

Cyberman- Resistance is useless.
(Sword of Orion, 24Kb)

Cyberleader- We will return!
(Sword of Orion, 19Kb)

Cyberman- The ship is drifting alongside.
Cyberleader- Its crew must be captured and cyber-converted.
(Sword of Orion, 74Kb)

Cyberleader- It it MEANINGLESS!
(Sword of Orion, 20Kb)

Cyberleader- This moral discussion is IRRELEVANT!
(Sword of Orion, 36Kb)

Cyberleader- Divert all power reserves to emergency shields!
Cyberman- It is unlikely that shielding will withstand another encounter.
(Sword of Orion, 94Kb)

Cyberleader- It will be programmed with new instructions.
(Sword of Orion, 41Kb)

Cyberman- The humanoids have been sited.
(Sword of Orion, 23Kb)

Cyberleader- That is not possible.  You are emotional . . . weak . . . inferior!
(Sword of Orion, 54Kb)

Cyberman- Two humanoid intruders are present on this ship.
Cyberleader- They must be captured!
(Sword of Orion, 60Kb)

Cyberleader- We possess the superior intellect.  It is logical that we WILL find a way.
(Sword of Orion, 70Kb)

From Real Time

Audio Clips
VIDEO CLIP:Doctor’s send-off
VIDEO CLIP:The Portal Opens
VIDEO CLIP:Lessons in War
VIDEO CLIP:Conversion
VIDEO CLIP:I Can Hear Them

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