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We Shall Cast Off The Weakness Of The Flesh

I’ve called this image “We Shall Cast Off The Weakness Of The Flesh”.

This is just something I was playing with. It is based on a 16th Century anatomical study by Juan Valverde de Amusco called “Anatomia del corpo humano” which shows a cadaver apparently having removed its own skin with a knife to reveal the muscle structure beneath. I’ve (obviously) somewhat heavily added to this, giving the figure a “10th Planet” style Cyberman head (the original design from their first ever appearance on TV) and then rather gone to town on adding cybernetic life support systems to the body, and generally mucking about with things, playing on the idea of Mondas (the Cybermen’s home planet) being a dying world set adrift from a regular orbit to wander on its path and the Mondasians choosing to abandon their humanity in search of cybernetic immortality – as the Cybermen say, “We Will Survive”. In  the Cybermen’s case, the shedding of their skins is both symbolic and literal, as along with their failing organic body parts they also chose to discard their other “limitations” – emotions – in favour of pure logic, and thus in the process of making themselves free from the “weaknesses of the flesh” – love, desire, hatred, ambition, joy (and so on) they become something less than human; true “monsters” – because they are in essence humanity without any saving graces, with no purpose other than survival for the sake of survival.  Life in essence is only worth living because of the very limitations of the flesh; to discard ones humanity is to become a true Cyberman.

“You Will Be Like Us” let’s hope not…

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