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Mark 8 Cybermen

Mark 8 Cybermen in Real Time

A partially Cyber-converted human, echoing both Toberman (Tomb of the Cybermen) and Lytton (Attack of the Cybermen) as bell as Lee Sullivan’s own work on Bill (Dreadnought) and paving the way for the Cyberdrones (in the Battles in Time comic strips). Note also the similarity to the later design of Lisa the Cyberwoman (Torchwood)

(Above and Below) The Cybercontroller of the Mk VIII Cybermen (Cybercontroller Type C). Notice the similarity to the later John Lumic Cybus Cybercontroller who was also enthroned and plumbed into the mains…

(Above) Evelyne Smythe becomes the new Cybercontroller (Type C number 2)

(above) The process of Cyber-Conversion “before and after”…

Lee Sullivan – The designer of the Mk 8 Cybermen

Artist Lee Sullivan who designed the Mk VIII Cybermen has been working with the Cybermen for quite some time. He’s come a long way from his early Cyberman illustrations (age 7) ….

Making his mark along the way by providing art for Doctor Who Magazine…

And drawing the Cybermen for the Battles in Time comic strip which you can read here

You can see more of Lee Sullivan’s Doctor Who art on his own website here

His Mark VIII Cyber-creations appeared in the Radio Times 8th Doctor comic-strip Dreadnought – which you can read here. (Roughly) the same Mk 8 design later appeared in the 6th Doctor webcast of Real Time – which you can watch here. And the Mk 8 Cybermen – or a close relation (these look like his Mk 8 design crossed with the Mk 1 from the Tenth Planet..) –  might have appeared in a comic strip featurig a future Doctor prior to the relaunch of the TV series in 2005. Sadly, it was never made…


The Mk VIII appeared in the Real Time webcast – and has also been given CGI graphic treatment…

Real Time CGI Cybermen

Real Time Cyberman designed by Lee Sullivan. CGI realisation by Rhys Griffin, Chris Gregory and Kevin Gregory.

“Resistance is futile.”

“Emotion is a weakness.”

“These things are irrelevant.”

“Promises to aliens have no validity.”

“Eradicate them.”

“Yes, leader.”

“Aliens are not to be trusted.”

“So we meet again, Doctor.”

“Halt, or you will be destroyed.”

“Your logic is correct.”

CGI animations of the Mk VII Cybermen can be found on the BBC site here

Note : See also this post

Free Screensaver

You can download a Screen Saver from the BBC :

Based on Lee Sullivan’s stunning new Cyberman designs, Rhys Griffin has created an equally spectacular computer graphic version for this special screensaver.


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