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Real Time

Real Time was a six-episode webcast animated adventure featuring the Sixth Doctor, which was available via the BBCI website in 2002.

Real Time features the “Mk VII” Cybermen as designed by Lee Sullivan, which had earlier appeared in the 8th Doctor comic strip Dreadnought – which you can read here

Real Time was one of a few animated webcasts produced featuring various incarnations of the Doctor in the years prior to the revival of the series.

This serial is notable for including the character of Evelyn Smythe, marking the first time a character created for the Big Finish Productions audio dramas had appeared in a BBC-sponsored production. It also marked the final (active) appearance, to date, of the original version of the Cybermen in a BBC-sponsored production before the advent of the Cybus Cybermen in 2006.

Cast & Characters

  • The Doctor – Colin Baker
  • Evelyn Smythe – Maggie Stables
  • Administrator Isherwood – Christopher Scott
  • Doctor Reece Goddard – Yee Jee Tso
  • Nicola Savage – Jane Goddard
  • Cyber-Controller – Nicholas Briggs
  • Taylor Renchard – Richard Herring
  • Ryan Carey – Stewart Lee
  • Hoyer – Alistair Lock
  • Fantham – Andrew Hair
  • Krueger – William Johnston
  • Professor Osborn – Nicholas Briggs

Part 1.1

Part 1.2

Part 2

Part 3.1

Part 3.2

Part 4.1

Part 4.2

Part 5.1

Part 5.2

Part 6.1

Part 6.2

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