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A Probable History of the Cybermen (from the 1980s)

This is a rather old (and short) overview of the Cybermen published in the US Marvel comic “Doctor Who” back in the early 1980s. It was designed as an introduction to the Cybermen for American readers as yet unfamiliar with the Doctor’s enemies. Naturally there have been many events in the two universes of the Cybermen since this was written, but it is a nice little bit of nostalgia.

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  1. I am truly stunned by the copious amount of work and research you have done with your various sites.

    Regarding the Cybermen, I wonder where the post-Earthshock stories fit in? Attack of the Cybermen is a mess of continuity if memory serves.

    While I have warmed to the new series Cybus Industries Cybermen, I still prefer the classics. Hopefully they will return some day.

    October 1, 2010 at 1:08 pm

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the very flattering feedback, I’ve been rather tied up on other things lately but there’s an awful lot more to add at some point soon-ish.

    Probably the most comprehensive time-line / chronology / continuity etc to the “This Universe” Cybermen was put together by David Banks in his “Cybermen” book; Banks played the various Cyberleaders from Earthshock onwards and clearly loved the metal-meanies (he also wrote the 7th Dr Cyber-Novel “Iceberg”). While quite a bit of his analysis is at the least questionable it is well thought out and accepted as a good model by many fans. The earlier editions of his Cyberman book run up to Attack, the later editions have an addenda dealing with Silver Nemesis. The book is full of nice original artwork and well worth picking up if you spot a copy (it is long out-of-print but crops up on eBay, Amazon etc); I have a copy myself but haven’t scanned it {yet} though I’ll no doubt add a few bits to the Cybermantra blog at some point as it is (in the words of the Cyberleader) “Excellent”. Banks also did audio-tape versions of most of the text of the book. I’ll see if I can add links to mp3 files for these as again they are well worth a listen.

    Like you, I’ve warmed to the Cybus versions but prefer the “originals”. I thought that the parallel-Earth re-invention of the Cybermen was a pretty good idea, transposing an alternate planet (Mondas) for an alternate dimension (Pete’s world) but keeping with a similar basic premise (though I would have preferred it if they didn’t get a rather Davros-like creator figure as part of the deal). The Cybus versions reappearing in Army of Ghosts worked fine, though like most of the new series the plot could have been handled better with a more extended build-up and so on. Trouble is that since then, with their appearance in The Next Doctor and then The Pandorica Opens, there hasn’t really been a sound *plot* reason for using the Cybus versions rather than the This-Universe Cybermen (I assume they went with Cybus rather than commission new costumes rather than because of any actual plot point). But of course, sticking with Cybusmen does avoid opening the whole cyber-continuity can of worms…

    The big question is whether the Cybermen of this universe will be reappearing any time soon, and if they do, will they have joined with their Cybus counterparts? As always, time will tell…

    October 1, 2010 at 3:04 pm

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