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“The Doctor Who Redesign Project” Cybermen

The Doctor Who redesign project

– by Niklas Jansson

The Doctor Who Redesign Project features many other creatures apart from Cybermen – home page here


“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… silver-ish.”

Design comments

  • There was a hose going asymmetrically across the shoulder on an old concept art piece, I wanted have that asymmetry to break up the bilateralism.
  • The bandy balls on the joints are from The Moonbase.
  • The joint tubes and tight diving suit are from The Wheel in Space. The chest/shoulder (lower pecs) have a hard edge to them, giving the impression that there’s not a soft body under the suit there.
  • The bandages are from The Tenth Planet, but I moved them to the wrists to break up the suit into parts, which serves to enhance the cyborg look. It also makes them look a bit like walking dead with a violent medical history.
  • The face is from the new 2006 series Cybermen. If the steel mask is removed a bandage face from The Tenth Planet can be seen.
  • The horns are an experiment.
  • The gun is devenloped from The Tenth Planet belly flash weapon.
  • The rust material on the horns are from a spaceship seen in The Revenge of the Cybermen. I also use this material on my Cybermen spaceship designs.
  • I like Gun Metal / Brushed Metal. I don’t like shiny silver.

The Cybermen ships  are partly inspired by the ships seen in Wheel of time, The Invasion, and Revenge of the Cybermen.

The Invader (longest ship) has a central honeycomb structure containing invasion ships. The main cannon is some kind of large accelerator, and there are also a bunch of ‘smaller’ turrets.

The transport is modular and can stretch on, repeating the cargo segments.

Other Doctor Who redesigns can be seen on the Doctor Who Redesign Project homepage here

One response

  1. John

    Pretty good redesigns, but what is that “Cyberfem” supposed to be? It looks like a redesign of the cyber-androids from “Earthshock”…

    February 17, 2012 at 7:03 pm

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