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Matthew Savage Cyberman Design & Variations

These designs are based upon Matthew Savage’s vision of the Cyberman as presented in his tutorial for ImagineFX magazine issue 39

Matthew Savage’s Original

Guthrie Watson’s Version of the design

Arezendes’s Version

“I went ahead and did the “cyberman” workshop in the January issue of Imagine FX and wanted to get some feedback on it. Rather than use Matthew’s existing sketch, I created my own. I wanted to give my cyberman a little more of a post-apocalyptic feel. The layout, basic shade, and elements are essentially followed from the tutorial, however there are some differences. I used different textures and bolt elements, moved the metal handles to a different angle, added eyes, and gave each robot 3 headlamps instead of one. In addition to a critique of the art, I wanted to know people’s opinions on how best to represent art that has been created from a tutorial. I obviously can’t say it was my concept, but I do feel as if the character is distinct enough to be my own.”

One response

  1. Phil

    I think I would’ve liked Watson’s version. I like the idea of sleek and slim Cybermen, as opposed to big and bulky.
    This design would work better for the Mondas Cybermen though.

    March 12, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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