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Cyber Arm-Wrestling in The Pandorica Opens

Less impressive than the independently functioning Cyberhead, but interesting never the less, The Pandorica Opens also revealed the ability of Cyber-Arms to function away from the rest of their Cyber-bodies. I was half expecting to see a dismembered arm crawling around the screen in the style of “Thing” from the Addams Family (perhaps we’ll see that in a future episode…) – instead we got something a little closer to the 9th Doctor’s fight with the Auton arm from “Rose”, but with a couple of extra twists. Firstly, the Cyber-Arm’s gun was still working until the Doctor and the trusty sonic screwdriver managed to put it out of action…

But just when it looked like it might be finally rendered safe the Doctor’s warning that the arm could be deceptive and tricky was proved correct…

Quite a nice touch – and good to see that even a single dismembered Cyberman can still be a major threat. After their seemingly easy defeat at the suckers of the Daleks in Army of Ghosts / Doomsday and then their rather less than impressive performance in 1851 in The Next Doctor, it is good to see the Cybermen being portrayed as a force to be reckoned with…

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