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Attack of the Cyberhead

From a Cybermaniac’s point of view, one of the most interesting things about The Pandorica Opens was the unveiling of previously unknown cyber-powers and abilities.

We get our first in-story hint that the Cybermen will be involved in the action with some establishing shots of dismembered Cyber-bodyparts… but at this point it looks like the Cybermen are done and dusted so no longer a threat…

However it isn’t long before we discover that is seems there’s no such thing as a “dead” Cyberman…

Amy was in for a nasty surprise (or three)… including the revelation that a Cyberman can “spit” tranquilliser darts to subdue human victims for Cyber-conversion…

Luckily for Amy, perhaps because she removed the dart quickly, she didn’t fall unconscious straight away – …

…which was just as well, as then we discover that not only can Cyberheads function independently… So too can Cyberbodies…

Even when blown to pieces, it seems the Cybermen have a very impressive self-repair function…

This story was certainly a special effects triumph – and I think that the Cybermen got the best deal from the SFX department. One of the problems any design of monster has to overcome is the fact that all too often it still looks like “a bloke in a suit”. The excellent use of the headless and one-armed Cyberman in The Pandorica Opens helps to encourage our ability to suspend disbelief. This Cyberman didn’t look like just another bloke in a Cybersuit, it very (special) effectively broke down the limits imposed by the human form to look like a genuinely mechanical non-human. Nicely done – hopefully we’ll see more of this kind of thing in future Cyber-stories.

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